In August 2018 we said goodbye to our much loved conductor of 25 years, Bob Bridges, and welcomed our new conductor Dimitri Chrysostomou.

When Bob took the helm we had around 25 players at that time, which quickly doubled to 50 in just a year or so.
Bob had a sense of the direction that he wanted the band to take and encouraged us to think big.  Bob
DID  take the band on a very exciting journey and  there will be lots of talk and memories  about the
different concerts, great opportunities and the fun  that we have had over the years  Such as starting to
play a Spring and Autumn Concert in larger and larger venues, all well attended, with up to 75

There were many challenges as the band developed but Bob encouraged us to be positive and
welcome change.  We felt that we wanted to say just how very lucky we have been to have had Bob as
our musical director and conductor.

A community band is a tricky thing to manage for all sorts of reasons but Bob has been able to create
an ethos and philosophy of  being inclusive to all its  members . This has paid off as many members
comment on how friendly and welcoming the band is – some have stayed for a very long time indeed.

This is all down to Bobs leadership which has maintained a tone and atmosphere of an open and friendly
place in which to share the fun and joy of making music.   We believe this is something the band should be
very proud of.
Bob has seen many members of the band come and go but has always welcomed players no matter what
their ability. We have therefore been lucky to have had both very good players
and those that are still learning.  Bob has always been hospitable and taken the time to talk to players
especially newcomers.
Bob has been a stalwart in the background, and worked tirelessly, ferrying around both players and
equipment and organising deps as well visiting venues to ensure their suitability.
In the past Bob hosted many social events so that band members had the opportunity to talk to him as well
as meet other members of the band and feel included
When Bob first started with SCB he had a great  vision for the band and we hope that he has felt that he
has achieved this.
We hope you will join us in wishing Bob every success for a long and fulfilling retirement.
We sincerely hope that the legacy of Bobs inclusive style and approach will be carried with us as
we move into this next chapter.
We have had many enjoyable years under Bob’s leadership. All the best to Bob for the future.

Bob Bridges retirement gift presentation

Bob Bridges final concert conducting SLSW at Hyde Park, August 2018