France Tour 2012

The album contains 28 photos

Moet_Group_1.jpgBob and Lucy in Tours.jpgBus at Baslieux les Fimes.jpgBus in Tours.jpgConcert Baslieux.jpg
Concert Baslieux_2.jpgEglise Baslieux les Fimes.jpgEglise St Marie Madeleine Tours sur Marne.jpgHappy Players.jpgInterval.jpg
Joe.jpgLes Caves.jpgMayor and his team.jpgMoet entrance.jpgMoet_Group_2.jpg
Refreshments.jpgRefreshments_2.jpgRehearsal Baslieux.jpgRehearsal Baslieux_2.jpgRehearsal in Tours-1.jpg
Rehearsal in Tours_2.jpgRehearsal in Tours_3.jpgRehearsal in Tours_4.jpgSet up Baslieux.jpgSet up Baslieux_2.jpg
Set up Baslieux_3.jpgSt Marie Madeleine Interior.jpgThanks to the Mayor.jpg

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